Birthday 2001/Letters/Cards/Notes

This hand-made card was given on my birthday for 2001 when we had almost nothing.

Dearest Mahal,

These days remind me of those times when we had nothing for an entire day except tapa and coke at Parks and Wildlife; and of course, togetherness. Yet these are some of the happiest, most memorable days I recall now and then.

You might argue that we have other children to think about now than only ourselves during those times, but we did have other children then, and we managed rather well.

You may argue further that age and opportunities have somehow overtaken us at this time; yet our age has distinct advantages and opportunities in this very period.

I don't know if we will ever be rich, but I seriously doubt that we will ever be poor. Money to me, is unimpressive. People worry when they have it and worry when they don't. With or without it, I will never change the way I feel for you. It is the steadfast stabilizer of an evolving persona amidst a troubled society in a changing world.

I Love You.

Your #1 Fan,

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