Birthday 2002/Letters/Cards/Notes

I got this card on November 22, 2002 for my birthday. We just moved in to this new house.

I feel so loved when you hold me. I close my eyes and the rest of the world disappears. Then it's just you and me, and that's all I need.

Dearest Mahal,

I've seen how much you've sacrificed and the countless times you've gone out of your way to be of service and assistance. I know and I feel how much you love me.

The past two months have made me very happy and contented because finally, I know I have my wife with me. Your thoughtfulness is overpowering, your concern for my welfare and health, your attention to my needs; and the value you give to the home we are building, are all elements of love, affection, respect and consideration that are touching as much as they are fulfilling.

The selflessness you have displayed can not perhaps be matched nor surpassed. I know that with the kind of support and mutual love, we can accomplish much and overcome obstacles that may exist.

I have not felt so loved as much as I have now. The best part of it is that it is a love that is grounded on reality and not on which is wrapped in illusion. It is a convergence of emotions that is rooted in countless trials, hardships, difficulties and even unfaithfulness (mine). I hope that I could make it up to you with the time remaining in the rest of our lives. And I hope that I could give you the same happiness, peace of mind, contentment and fulfillment that you have given me all these years -- and especially in these last two months.

I hope that we make it a happy birthday for you today and the rest of your birthdays - - even more so with the rest of our lives. I love you very much.


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