Birthday 2003/Letters/Cards/Notes

This card was given on my birthday in November 22, 2003.

Wishing you...TIME to enjoy the gifts of each day. LAUGHTER to help meet life's challenges. FRIENDS to share your joys. DREAMS to keep you going.

Wishing you... HAPPINESS through all the seasons of your life and mine and ours. Happy Birthday.

I love you


Dearest Mahal,

Happy Birthday! Welcome to the Golden age. Unfortunately, I couln't get you a better model, but the feelings I have are definitely better than ever before, ( Even if 2003 version of ____________________ is kindda slowing down) the software that runs me is ever faithful and ever loyal to you.

I love you very much mahal and I am already fully prepared to grow old with you - - the most important human being in my life.

Take care of yourself always and prepare to be even more adventurous. I believe we will have more adventures together as we ripen further in this golden age.


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