Valentines Card 2005

On February 14, 2005 I got this card.

A Valentine's Message For MY WIFE with love

I never knew till I found you how happy life could be
I never knew that anyone could mean so much to me
but ever since you came my way
true happiness is mine.
That's why a world of special love comes with the Valentine.
Happy Valentines Day

I love you always.

And in his handwritten personal message, he spoke these words:

Dearest Mahal,

You have always asked me If I was, or am, happy; and I have always been pleased with the question with the question; and only up to this question. The follow-up questions are not necessary. I am pleased because it is reflective of the intentions you have continuously expressed throughout the 25 years we have been with each other. I am happy. In fact, I never thought that life could be so fruitful and rewarding when shared with the one person that was meant for you.

The point is, I loved you and continue to love you not only to make me happy, but more importantly, to make you happy. I know what will make you happy and I have kept faith with that knowledge - - and I would not bother with any disturbance that would complicate the peace and serenity that I now have with you. I am also proud of the fact that I have became an honest and sincere human being that lives without the baggage of deception that would only cause pain and hurt to those that may be affected. I could not have become the person, now looked up to for the good things I do, rather than be bowed to because of the audacity of my former behaviour; if it were not for you.

I like and respect myself better now because of you - - and I know that I deserve you more than I ever did.

Your love has changed my attitude and values and there's never ever going to be a turning back. I have come to embrace growing old with much enthusiasm only because it is going to be with you.

I love you very much

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