Birthday 2005/Letters/Cards/Notes

I don't suppose I've ever really told you how much I'll always need your helping hand Or how much I'll depend on you for patience and look to you to truly understand... was meant to be
I don't suppose I've ever really told you that I've always felt our love was meant to be, But from the joy I feel when we're together, I know that you're the only one for me.

Dearest Mahal,

I always feel you. Sometimes it overwhelms me that your love can have so many facets in the way that is expressed totally and unselfishly. It can go from the love of a mother, to that of a friend, a sister, and most of all, a devoted wife.

Now I am making it explicit, what the words on the card says seems to have come right out of my feelings. From the beginning, before all the stupidities I've done, I have already felt these, and continue to do so to this day, and for as long as live.

There is no other happiness so fulfilling for me than the knowledge that I would be with you, near you, and for you until our time is through.

I hope I can make it up to you all those times that I was in disarray. But even if I have, I will always keep making it up to you because what I feel for you cannot be accomodated in the times we have for each other. Don't worry about the uncertainties we are about to face. Nothing is certain, except our love for each other.

I love you very much. Happy Birthday!


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