Christmas 2005/Letters/Cards/Notes

Dearest Mahal,

There are so many things I am happy for because of you. It is not only the way you care for me and my needs, but through the million and one things you do that are wrapped in sincerity and generosity.

The way you look after my food, my health, my clothes, my career; sacrificing your own.

Also the transformation you went through to become a great cook, marketer, homemaker, with a surprising menu every so often and a "mean" salad inventor.

But most important of all, you taught me to apply better reasons, great values, honest efforts and sincere relationships; and to move forward in an uncertain future full of confidence in the knowledge that you will be with me and will always be there with your love. You have made a better person of me, more than I ever thought I could be. I love you. Merry Christmas.


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