Mother's Day Message 2006/Letters/Cards/Notes

This was the message I got from G last May 14:

Dearest Mahal,

Happy Mother's Day! I know I am in no position to make it any happier than it is, because there is no means by which we could celebrate it. I do not even have a card for you since the orientation of my mind is to pay off the card- - so we can continue to use it.

I am not writing this only because of the aspect of motherhood, but I have intended to also express the good and very happy life that we have built, despite the financial difficulties we have gone through, and continue to experience; time and again.

As a mother, you have proven your worth beyond the children's expectations. While there maybe inadequacies you believe you have failed to fulfill, these have become non-issues as they grew up because of the unfolding of events that reflect the deep seated causes for the failure itself. Where it matters in their lives today, you have provided the genuine support and sincere understanding of their shortcomings as children. Yet you never witheld anything you could possibly do or give for them.

In our house alone, you have made huge adjustments in running the household and have adapted well to this role, even if the better part of you believe that you are destined for better roles than this. You have even surpassed your own accepted limits in terms of household demands and even learned to master the art and techniques of cooking and preparing terrific dishes - in most instances, concocting delicious meals from available resources.

I do appreciate what you have done Mahal, and the transformation you have adjusted to. Yet, you can still provide critical support for the "professional" tasks that I am suppoesed to do.

I am not satisfied with what I have done for you and I want to make you happier and have a better life. I am so happy and grateful for what you have done and continue to do for me and the children.

There exists no reason for me to be away from our home unnecessarily. Whenever there is time or space, my immediate instinct is to be home with you.

I feel so at home in our home, and so at home with you. I have never been any more comfortable and any happier than being together with you, regardless of where our home is. I love you very, very much mahal. I hope I have made you at least half as happy as you have made me.


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