CLO Test or the - Urea Breath Test

My CLO Test or my Urea Breath Test was found NEGATIVE.

What is a CLO Test? It is a test to determine if a person has had H pylori.

Helicobacter pylori or H pylori is a gram negative micro aerophilic curved bacillus with an affinity for human gastric mucosa.

Acquisition occurs with age at a rate of 0.5-1% per year. Studies have shown it to be present in up to 100% of patients with duodenal and gastric ulceration, up to 94% of patients with gastric cancer, 92% with gastric lymphoma and 92% of patients with active chronic gastritis.

It has been associated with non-ulcer dyspepsia. Eradication of the organism leads to the disappearance of gastritis and has been shown to significantly reduce the relapse rate of duodenal ulcer disease. The one year relapse rate for duodenal ulcer treated with conventional acid suppression, is as high as 80% but can be reduced to almost zero with successful eradication of the organism, thus modifying the natural history of the disease.

Regression of low grade gastric MALT lymphoma has been shown with H. pylori eradication. In gastric carcinoma, epidemiological studies have identified a link between the organism and the development of cancer. The organism has been shown in some studies to increase gastric epithelial cell proliferation which may then be associated with an increased risk of carcinoma but the details of the exact pathogenic mechanism are unclear.

Diagnostic tests for H. pylori

CLO test sample- Red is positive!Can be performed on biopsies obtained at upper Gastro Intestinal endoscopy, and are evaluated by :

* histology and phase contrast microscopy
* culture
* rapid urease test (CLO test)

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