My Endoscopic findings

This examination was performed with me sitting down, with pulse clips on my fingers, and with a tiny camera coming into my mouth down to my esophagus and the stomach.

I was half sedated because passing something solid and foreign into the esophagus entailed quite a pain though bearable but then again with the feeling of wanting to continuously vomit.

It is was a really traumatic experience. But it had to be done.

1. Performed by means of olympus GIF 2T240 under IV sedation (Dormicum 2.5 MG/IV ***ASA Class)

2. Esophagus - normal mucosa down to the GE junction which is at 38 cm level coinciding with an intact Z line

3. Stomach lumen is empty with intact rugal folds
Erosions noted in antrum
Scope is tightly hugged by the cardia on retroflexed view
Pyloric ring is oval and distensible with good pyloro-antral peristalsis
Rapid urea test for H Pylori was done. (Negative result)

4. Duodenum - multiple white based ulcers measuring each to less than 0.5 cm
(junction of D1 and D2, 2 of which have overlying blood clot


1. Hiatal Hernia
2. Erosive Gastritis, Antrum
3. Multiple Duodenal Ulcers, D1-D2 Forrest Class IIB

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