Birthday 2006/Letters/Cards/Notes

Dearest Mahal,

There is NO way this could represent what you're worth. It is merely a token of what I can afford at this time. I just didn't want this day to pass without giving you anything.

You have fully done your share, and more. Wash clothes, iron, cook, market, clean, and even make love. We have had no outside recreation this year, no shopping, no movies, and we face a bleak Christmas gift giving activity; and these are what I should have contributed but came up very short. I hope I can still come up with a surprise, and a much better year next year.

I love you very much and there is no other person that can even come close to that. There is no one I care for in this manner except you.

I know you don't believe there is no one else - in whatever type of relationship - but that is the truth. It is stranger than fiction, right? But what sane man would not be totally in love with you for what you've done and what you've gone through with me. I love you only and that's that.

Happy Birthday! I couldn't even afford a card; but I intend to make this day happy for you. Happy Birthday Mahal.



These are crystals, and it represents the clarity of our feelings for each other.

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