Used to be Walking PIMS

PIMS is an international publication dedicated and distributed to doctors to get them updated on the regulated drug and pharmaceutical market. It is like a catalogue that details the pharmacology of a certain medication.

What it provides is an alphabetically arranged index listing of an ailment along with the suggested drug or combination of drugs that can help cure or alleviate that medical condition. In other words it is a compilation of diseases with their corresponding drug-cure/manufacturer reference material.

Used to be that I hated the idea of going to the doctor. Most people feel the same I suppose. All my trips to the family doctor or hospital were just about giving birth and taking my children for their shots.

And so if I did not feel good and felt I was coming down with something I just consulted the book and everything turned out dandy. I was proud of myself. Imagine the savings in time and doctors fees.


But was I soooooooo wrong!

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