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It is a great life!

This is my Mantra today!

1. Thank God I am still alive this morning
2. That there's food on the table
3. That there's still food in the freezer
4. That cleaning the house allows me to exercise
5. That I got rid of some toxins in my body through this exercise
6. That some of my headache is gone
7. That I got to talk to my mother today, I feel relieved somehow
8. That I am able to update this blog
9. That there is the web to keep me company
10. That tomorrow is another day!


Cry Out

I was having these indescribable ache in my head and eyes. The tightness in my eyes makes me feel as if my eyeballs are being sucked out by the light.

My blood pressure is shooting up. I could understand why. I was eating tons of pasta yesterday. I could not help it. The temptation was so difficult to resist. I prepared it myself and it was really inviting.

Today, only the tears seemed to have relieved the ache.


Discharge the Negative and Charge the Positive

Today, this is my mantra.

I am happy. I am busy... uuuhhmmm...uuuhhmmm...

One of the fastest ways to lower the immune system and get sick is stress. Add to this are the negative emotions named worry and anger.

We must at all cost do activities that boost our immune system. Laugh, dance, exercise, chat with friends, go malling, help someone, do a good deed. That way we improve the quality of our lives.

Get those negative emotions going! Pronto!


Hope for Hope

"Hope inspires people and makes them achieve sometimes impossible victories. Dark forces hate hope, and by all means they try to uproot hope from the hearts of people.

When hope is cut off, man turns into a slave of dark forces or the slave of chaos. A hopeless person is like a trapped animal in the hands of his physical, emotional, and mental enemies"

...Torkom Saraydarian


I Love Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres provided a fresh wisp of air to the OSCARS. Though the organizers' may have put in most of the script of the show, I could smell that Ms. Ellen's comedic genius supplied some of the laughs.

Congratulations to Ms Ellen DeGeneres. Job well done!


Today's Mantra

Never readily accept criticism and blame. If you're guilty, say so. If you're not, skip the apology and forget about it.


rising sun

From Blogthings:
Your Rising Sign is Cancer
You are compassionate and kind - and the one who gives security.
And while you sometimes tire of it, people always turn to you for advice.

Emotions are your domain, and you use tend to use them for good.
But you've also been know to be very manipulative when you need to be.

You're quite loyal to those you love most - friends and family.
For everyone else, you tend take time to build up trust.What's Your Rising Sign?

Housework As My Mantra

Being tired makes me feel okey inside and out. The perspiration always help ease the tension because as we all know, to perspire is to get rid of the toxins.

I planned what I'd do and I did what I planned.

"Through labor we give birth to that which is greater than what we are before the labor. Labor helps us to transcend ourselves."


I wish everyone Peace and Happiness

There's so much I have read about having a normal functioning brain being the most wonderful thing one can possess. Intellect, emotional balance, and creativity comes from that slab of gray matter between the ears.

Thinking one is unwell leads to disease. Thinking one is unappreciated makes you feel worthless... and to stop thinking dries up the creative juices.

Nearing senior citizenship I am finally comforted at the thought that GOD together with his assigned angels love and take care of me. I can almost feel their presence in my daily struggle with disease.

Peace and Happiness -"Brainwashing" if you will: that -- I subject my everyday thoughts. I think only of the good -- in me and in others.

My daily mantra: The Lords Prayer whenever there is pain.


To Be Happy

As a gift to myself this year, I promised that I would try to stay away from getting depressed and just focus on seeking ways to make myself happy.

As always, my days are spent doing housework. If I have extra time I go surfing. Today I did just that. On my intermittent 7th hour on the internet I had not realized that I was reviewing blogs that talked about being happy.

There was this one blog which was built around the concept of providing helpful tips on happy living.

I am glad to have learned something new again today.

Today this is my mantra.


Healing and Positivity

Recognize that the first step to healing is to stop thinking you are a victim.

Theeeerrrrre is always a choice. And not choosing anything from the choices is also a choice. Capisch?

Aaaarrrggghh. I am just trying to be funny here.


Letter written to me: 2006

An angry response to my letter complaint: I edited some parts.


I know and understand one thing: I love you very much and I don't intend to change or destroy that. I have devoted so many years to bring true to this feeling without deviating one bit from this direction. It wasn't hard to accomplish because I only had to be true to my belief in my feelings for you.

I have exerted effort in spending more time with you even just to help you in the kitchen by coming home early. I am the GM of a large company where I need to meet clients, see store managers, negotiate with publishers, work with artists on midi-files, see through the problems in the sales and delivery operations, negotiate with the principals, and manage the office. Regardless of what comes up, I have to make it a point to leave by 5:00 PM each day. ______________________________________.
Far from it. All I am saying is that I have a lot riding on this function that I could be interpreted by the owners as nonchalant a…