Myths about Burnout

"Myth #1: Burnout is psychological.

Myth #2. People in burnout have no energy and cannot work.

Myth #3. Vigorous exercise is good for burnout.

Myth #4. A vacation, a diet, or a nutritional supplement will cause recovery from burnout.

Myth #5. Burnout occurs mainly in men. In fact, it is more common in women.

Myth #6. Burnout only occurs in those in high-stress jobs.

Myth #7. Burnout occurs only in adults.

Myth #8. Burnout affects only physical health.

Myth #9. A hectic lifestyle causes burnout.

Myth #10. Overwork for years causes burnout.

Myth #11. Burnout is an overused term without a scientific basis.

Myth #12. Plenty of sleep will take care of burnout.

Myth #13. Cleaning out toxins will take care of burnout.

Myth # 14. One will come out of burnout when one changes whatever factor or behaviour caused the burnout.

Myth #15. To recover from burnout just re-establish close communication with those who are close to you.

Myth #16. To get out of burnout, one needs to get back in touch with oneself.

Myth # 17. One can recover from burnout in matter of months.

Myth #18. Burnout is not an important medical problem unless the stress of burnout causes high blood pressure or another symptom.

Burnout is degenerative exhaustion. It sets the stage for all degenerative diseases, because energy is a common denominator of health. All illnesses start with fatigue.

Myth #19. Burnout is new phenomenon. In fact, burnout is as old as humanity.

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