Valentines '95/Letters/Cards/Notes

Dearest Mahal,

This is a token - not for lack of emotions but more so for want of resources. Appearances aside, I have placed up to 80% of my current resources to this item.

In the past couple of weeks or so, you had mentioned that you missed the "G" you knew before. I have always loved you and still do very much. The emotions and intentions have always been there although its tangible expression had been inhibited by the inability to fulfill some of the material responsibilities in relationship. This was further compounded when I first secured resources from you two summers ago.

I have begun mu utmost effort this year to mount a massive agenda for work, and given the fruit of hard labor, I may be able to fulfill those responsibilities that you've carried for some time.

I believe that apart from seeing through one another, the other primary purpose of life on this earth is to see one another through.

I love you and I need you. And I know you know you need me too. For what specific purpose is difficult for me to express - I only know that beyond emotions and other aspects of joy - being with you, having you, loving you fulfills a need no one else can satisfy. Despite what you say you are and what we do, we may never satisfy in a lifetime - much less in a circumstance such as ours. Yet these needs seem to be, if not truly totally fulfilled when I am with you in whatever mood. Such that I would rather face a future without certainty than to face the present without you.

I love you.


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