Aging - The Incurable Disease?

Every time I realize that I am aging I get this feeling of being spent, tired and of no use no more. It is not a disease nor an affliction but why are so many so caught up with it, and without meaning to sometimes, struggle to relive their youthful days.

Consumed by our day to day 'aging' existence we eventually forget the things that really matter?

Is passion now just a youthful emotion? Is age leading me to believe that my time is almost over?

Realistically, what?, maybe I just have enough 10 good years?

So then what is my life now? My relationships, are they making me honestly happy?
Can I still improve what I have now?

How about my social life? Do I have one? My friends, where have all of them gone?
What do I do now?

I need to get my mantra going today.

My life is life is good... ooooohhmmm...ooooohhmmm...ooooohhmmm


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