My chakra is the root chakra

Another one of those readings.

" How emotions affect the chakras

There are emotions and states that are able to close down chakras, if they're not processed adequately.

Anodea Judith calls them 'demons' in her book 'Eastern Body, Western Mind'. The demons affect the 'rights' that are associated with the chakras.

1. Root Chakra - Fear
The right to be here
2. Sacral Chakra - Guilt
The right to feel

3. Navel Chakra - Shame
The right to act
4. Heart Chakra - Sorrow
The right to love and be loved
5. Throat Chakra - Lies
The right to speak and hear truth
6. Third Eye Chakra - Illusion
The right to see
7. Crown Chakra - Attachment

The right to know


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