HDL and LDL and Uric Acid

People like me normally go to the doctor once every three months to have a follow-up check. This doctor is actually my family physician. My nephrologist is out somewhere taking her vacation.

When my family physician saw me today she was very surprised. I lost a lottttt of weight she says! .She says my thyroid can be the cause of this sick look. She suggested I see my endocrine specialist. Apart from that I was back here because part of my periodic middle check-up is a blood chemistry examinations.

Six months ago, my total cholesterol count were all okey. Apparently, not today.

And so there goes my lab results. Accordingly, she says my HDL is low which is bad, my LDL is high which is also bad and my triglycerides are high -- and that's another concern.

Additionally, my uric acid is borderline bad.

She prescribes medication (for my cholesterol condition) that is soooh expensive you can get an elevated blood pressure when the pharmacist gives you the bill.She gives me another medication for the unwanted uremic substances.

But what do I find out from my research on this particular medication?

Side effects, side effects, side effects. Side effects my body could not afford to take. That's what. What was she thinking? G asked if she is internet savvy meaning was she up to date on information about ethical drugs she prescribes? I have noooooo idea. I decided to return all the medications I bought.

This is my body!!!

Only I, can feel if something will be good or bad for my health.

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