Mother's Day 2007

Salt and pepper mill which I had wanted for a long time was G's mother's day gift to me. But more important, a card as always which provide a lot of inspiration.

May 13, 2007

Dearest Mahal,

The boxed printed words could not have expressed it better and simply.

Kindness Beauty Dreams Laughter Happiness Memories

When I had feelings
inside me
and the feelings don't have any words,
you understood.
When I had choices to make,
you helped me decide
in your quiet way.

You gave me you
so I could become me
And I thank you for it.

With Love

We have become so involved with each other that more often than not, our thoughts and words intertwine. We say the same things, ask the same questions, think the same thoughts in more ways than one.

Yet we are two separate and distinct individuals.

What I have become because of you is that I have matured, mellowed, settled, and in full confidence about my ego before anyone, and even against anyone.

The fear that I may be attracted to younger, voluptous, and whatever women is totally baseless.

With what we have and experienced only "men" with sick convoluted minds or those who are overwhelmingly insecure do so. I am neither, and never will be.

I love you very much.

You are a great wife and mother.


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