Wonder what a healthy body weight range is?

My Healthy body weight range is: 104 to 127 pounds.
I am underweight-this is not a healthy weight for me based on my height, gender and age. The weight range does not consider my level of fitness.

My Body Frame Size
I have a small frame size for my height. Skeletal frame size is most easily measured where there is little overlying skin and muscle, such as at the wrist or elbow. The elbow breadth could be more accurately measured by placing a caliper (a pliers-like instrument used to measure thickness), on the prominent bones on either side of your elbow.

Study says:
Persons with a small frame should weigh closer to the lighter end of their healthy body. Persons with a medium frame should weigh toward the middle of their healthy body weight range. Persons with a large frame should weigh closer to the heavier end of their healthy body weight range.

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