How I am trying to learn Mindfulness

All the ailments my body contracted stems from not so many reasons. Looking back, I knew that all those long, stressful hours at work, led to my negative health condition. I realize that all that stress, and taking all those ethical drugs that were supposed to combat my allergies weakened my immune system.

And one significant lesson I learned the hard way: be mindful of stress.

"Mindful meditation is a method of fully embracing with minimal resistance one's current life situation and internal states".

Easier said than done, I know but it wouldn't be bad to start practicing as soon as you can. I too have my moments. But always I focus on what is good around me. I am still alive ain't I?


1. Learning to be less judgmental. Being less judgmental increases the chance of relaxation. Be more compassionate of others feelings.

2. Minding what you eat. Before eating always try to ask yourself -- do I need this food into my body? Eating mindfully, as in savoring every bite will likely make you eat less.

3. Mindful stretching exercises. This means exercise in the gentlest way possible as in doing it on a moment-to-moment basis. This should result in improved vitality.

I also saw this blog
which offers suggestions on how to live a mindful life.

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