I'd like to have a biopic not a biopsy

On September, 2003, I had a kidney biopsy to confirm my nephrologist's initial diagnostic findings. My biopsy required that I be confined in the hospital for 2 days. "Biopsy: The removal of cells or tissues for examination by a pathologist. The pathologist may study the tissue under a microscope or perform other tests on the cells or tissue.

The diagnosis was done through a Renal Core Biopsy. The procedure did a Core Needle Biopsy of my Left and Right Kidneys and my clinical diagnosis revealed that I had T/C IgA Nephro. Diagnosis: IgA Nephropathy.

As I recall, the procedure went like this:
I was locally, anaesthesized first on my left lower back, vicinity of the kidneys. Though groggy with anesthesia I could here the doctors talking about the difficulty of getting the sample tissue from my left kidney. And so this time they decided to try my right.

No go. It went on that way two more times on each kidney. But my kidneys were “slippery”? On the 7th and 8th incision they finally got what they wanted. Before that my sonologist warned that they could only do 8 incisions – - 4 each kidney. And that's it.

Eight incisions could prove fatal.

Why? Aside from the danger of being overdosed with anesthesia, I could bleed to death. You see, every incision required a small dose of anesthesia. So there...

And then it was all over. Thank God!

Exact Lab Result or what the Renal Core Biopsy Revealed or the hard numbers of my illness:
1. 22 glumeruli: 9 globally sclerosed glumerulus
2. Mesangial widening accompanied with cellular proliferation and mild lymphocytic infiltrates
3. Tubular atrophy with occasional peritubular fibrosis
4. Blood vessels unremarkable
5. Mesangial widening and fibrosis
6. Trichome and silver stains non-contributory

Immunoflourence studies:
IgA +++ Mesangial
IgM Negative
IgG + Mesangial
C3 Negative
C1q Negative
Fibrinogen ++

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