I want to Learn to Teach English

It is never enough to be just on a Blood Presssure maintenance medication. This should be supplemented with the right kind of diet, exercise, and a stress free lifestyle. That is the way to maintain good artery and heart mascular health.
But, I wonder if learning something new will bring stress to my lifestyle?

Aside from blogging, I plan to learn a new skill. At my age? Why not. To speak a language is a skill, sure. But teaching it is a far more superior skill. A friend from way back has been teaching ESL. She's been living in Japan for the longest time and I think this is what she does there. Teach English. And I hear the pay is good :-)too.Tonight, as I am writing this post I encountered this blog by an esl online tutor. I am hoping he/she would give me tips on how to go about my plan.


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