Look Ma Your Hair's Gray Too

I never noticed my graying hair until one of my sons called my attention to it. He said, "look Ma your hair's gray too like Lola's."

Illness turned 50% of my hair to gray faster than usual :-( Sigh

At first I refused to use what I considered toxic hair dyes. But the more I looked at the number of growing gray hair, the more I worried. Stress perhaps made it worse. I had no choice.

But before this, a friend told me that one natural way of turning gray hair back to dark tint is to boil a substantial amount of potato peelings until it turns dark brown. Cool it down. Save the liquid for the next shampoo session - meaning use it as a conditioner. Afer shampooing pour it over the still wet hair and let dry. Do not rinse.

I tried this several times but just won't do.

These days, I have my hair dyed begrudgingly every 4 weeks. If I can help it every 6 weeks. My hair color now is a mixture of brown, dark brown, black, light brown and gray. Aarrgghh!

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