My Stressful lifestyle caused Hypertension

I discovered I had hypertension in 2002. In one of my visits to our family doctor, she was surprised that my blood pressure registered a high 160/130. She asked me if I my head ached and I said no. Was I dizzy? and again, no. She couldn't believe it herself. I was there to get a doctors certificate. I contracted flu - the reason why I was not at work for three days. And the medical certificate was an employment requirement for medical leave.

My doctor proclaimed that I was a walking time bomb. I could have collapsed anywhere and died there and then. She suggested that I go see a specialist.

Prior to that day at the doc's office and unknown to everyone, I was already getting these daily morning head aches. I thought that was part of the daily deal - the grind so to speak. I just kept taking paracetamol or aspirin. Depends on what's available.

I was on the job straight for more than 10 years as a marketing person and then an offer to have my own business came. For 6 years I run my own outfit. And then BAM! My foreign principals decided to sell their business to another giant. Their distributors scattered all over Asia, including me were forced to shut down. Unknowingly, I was already stressing out. So many factors led to me hypertension. Looking back it was all those daily travels, the client calls, the presentations, the quotas, the sales targets, my personal life, my chronic bouts with sinusitis, sore throats, allergies, etc. The worst part, I kept self-medicating.

Lessons learned? Pick it out. It is so easy to see.

And my advise - de-stress your life. Cope by learning to unload negativism. Relax. Enjoy the simple things in life.

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