The Powerful Combination of Jujube, Ginseng and Honey

My daughter gave me a box of Red Ginseng Honey Jujube Tea which according to the food label came from Korea. It is not readable because it is written in Korean. :-(

I have a lot of good things about ginseng but not really sure what to believe. About jujube, I must admit I am totally ignorant. So I did some research:

1."Red ginseng is Panax ginseng that has been heated, either through steaming or sun-drying. It is frequently marinated in an herbal brew which results in the root becoming extremely brittle. This version of ginseng is traditionally associated with stimulating sexual function and increasing energy. Red ginseng is always produced from cultivated roots, usually from either China or South Korea.

In 2002 a preliminary double-bind crossover study of Korean red ginseng's effects on impotence reported that it can be an effective alternative for treating male erectile dysfunction.

A study shows that Red ginseng reduces the relapse of gastric cancer versus control.

A study of ginseng's effects on rats show that while both White ginseng and Red ginseng reduce the incidence of cancer, the effects appear to be greater with Red ginseng". Read more here.

2. "Jujube fruits are tasty and provides medicinal properties. Jujube helps people recover from weight loss and strengthens muscles and boosts body strength and immune system. In Chinese medicine, jujube is used as a substance that activates the liver. Jujube fruit contains many medicinal properties and cures coughing. It is a cure for asthma and respiratory problems.

Dried jujube fruits are effective tranquilizers and act as anti cancer and anti respiratory problem agents, they relieve fever and are used as pain killers and appetizers, prevent bleeding and help easy digestion and a lot more. Jujube fruits are used to regulate heart beat, treat exhaustion and depression and act as excessive late night perspiration.

Jujube roots are useful in the treatment of digestive disorders. When converted into powder, the roots of jujube act as wound healers. Jujube is useful in the treatment of kidney disorders and inflammations as well as in the treatment of nervous problems. In China, jujube is extensively used for the treatment of burns.

The jujube tree wood is valuable too. The wood is strong, durable and plain and used for the manufacture of musical instruments. It is also used for artistic and ornamental purposes, ship building and carpentry.

Jujube has anti cough properties. It helps people enjoy a sound sleep. The jujube tree skin extract has anti diarrhea properties".

Find more interesting things about jujube here and here and this site

I got really excited. The timing is great because I have been kind of under the weather the past few days. Perhaps, not perhaps but I am sure, due to uncontrolled holiday eating of everything bad for people like me. Aaaargh!

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