Wouldn't it be nice if we're all like virgins?

How well and healthy could you get with Virgin wealth on your side? Does 'well' swell from the word wealth?

I was watching him tonight on the Ellen Degeneres show. According to this 'rebel billionaire'', his company's flights to space are about to commence very soon. He is taking along his children, parents and a couple of people who's willing to shell out US$200,000 for the flight.

How nice. He says, its going to be the ride of a lifetime; will take approximately three hours with most of it spent floating in space (inside the spaceship, I guess?). Great!

The man is in the following business lines, among others:

1. airlines
2. music record production
3.credit cards
4. pension plans
5. insurance
6. broadband
7. media
8. digital TV
9. mobile phones
11. cosmetics and jewelries
12. wine and beverages
13.renewable energy
14. charities
15.save the earth
16. stem cell research
17. and many others

On the same show he says that travel from LA to Australia may possibly be reduced to half an hour? For heaven's sake. Good Lord!

Now, who am I taking about?

This is a mini-post about Sir Richard Branson of Virgin.

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