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Is Nature within us?

How do you deal with the challenges of everyday life? Do you feel empowered enough to improve life to help others? Or, do you feel helpless or hopeless when faced with a life changing situation, a tragedy perhaps, or a crisis?

And what about the thought of taking responsibility for your misfortune, if ever?

It is not easy to overcome pain. True. It is never easy finding serenity. Peace remains elusive. But do you believe that an open heart together with a clear mind can easily deal with the challenges of everyday existence? And do you think you can make it worth your while to face the difficulties and the worst of life’s daily struggles?

All of us have the courage and the strength to understand pain.

But can we endure suffering? Believe it.

Loose attraction to the worldly. And surely, you loose that pain in the heart. Yes, we all have the potential to be pure at heart. There is ALWAYS a chance to grow no matter what. The world is full of murk and junk; impurities in unlik…

Something to make you look younger

Would you want to stay looking young for as long as possible? I do. Without question, without hesitation. Maybe you can try this. It would not cost you anything. There's no harm in trying, as they say.

Here's how I do it every morning.

1. Stand straight with feet apart.
2. Take both your clean palms. Use it to cover your face.
3. Take 10 deep breaths. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale....
4. Next step - rub your face, eyes, and forehead with the fingers, counting from one to ten while breathing fast.
5. Repeat if you like.
6. Then on to rub the skin of the face, softly, from the chin to the forehead, upwards, in gentle massaging motions. Continue the deep breaths as you think of your face clear, young and fresh looking.

The mantra is clear and fresh looking skin.

Try to do this every morning for the next 60 days and watch how the black circles around your eyes disappear and the wrinkles seemed to have stopped showing :-)

Good luck!

You’re Popeye, I am Olive Oil

Mediterranean cooking is a great style. And olive oil serves as the fulcrum of all mediterranean cuisine. Forget it iiittssss delish and remember what it can do for our health. As I mentioned here I believe anyone of those Mediterranean countries was my home in a past life. And I loved it.
I try to do the Mediterranean way about my cooking and nutrition but further complement it with the following:1. I try to eat a variety of whole fruits and vegetables every day. I keep baby carrots, papaya, fresh pineapples or bananas at bay for quick, satisfying snacks. Fresh fruit salads are a wonderful way to eat a variety of healthy and tasty fruit.2. I use olive oil lavishly in cooking and incorporate it in all my salad dressings. Instead of butter or margarine I opt for extra virgin olive oil. After cooking pasta, I use a healthy sprinkling of olive oil, over the noodles and use fresh basil or whatever herb is available together with garlic and green onions for flavoring.
3. If…

I must do it - get a new walking shoe

Since I am hypertensive, walking as an exercise is always complementary to my yoga. When I started my walking program, I had 2 pairs of walking shoes. One is cheap the other, not so cheap :-) Of course, I always use the inexpensive one. However, cheap means it won't last as you desire. After serving me for a good 5, yes, 5 years, what do you know, just the other day, I found the whole sole separating from the entire body. Think of timing. Now, do I have a choice. I will have to use the not so cheap one. But maybe I will just get another one from that famous place where they sell everything fake. Ha! Ha! Good for people like me, no? Now! and JUST DO IT. (sounds like a shoe commercial) I digress.

Ahh, yes, walking. To be strolling about watering my plants every morning. Yes, that's the reason my sneaks got worn out. There's too many of them, plants. And our backyard is pebbled stone.

I don't use a hose, so I could walk more distance even just around the garden'…

Yoga Redux

We are all victims of stress, one way or the other. Tension from the work environment. Anxiety from family related problems. Or just plain physical exhaustion.

Isn't it a fact that these situations often result to head, back and even joint aches? There is no escaping. Regular yoga exercise can help reduce the stress.

I have been doing the ibanag brand of yoga for the longest time. It is essentially just breathing exercises. When I am tired or when I am all hyped up with regular issues of the day , I use a little silence. I meditate to relax my tensed muscles.

And how do I do that -- I empty my mind and literally think of nothing. Just the quiet moments are enough to lull my tired mind and hush my weary soul.

Yoga calms my nerves. It allows me a composed aura while my body is in a still position listening only to my breath. Yoga gives me the serenity and buys me the peace even for a few significant moments.

This is how I do it:
1. In a small corner of our room I sit on my ma…

Responsibility No More Time To See How The Wind Blows

Time to take character inventory of the kind of people we have around us. Are they part of our family? A friend, an associate or perhaps a business partner?
Do they unnecessarily contribute to our stress or our anxieties? What are we doing about it? Take stock. Much of our sanity and well-being depend on it. Take irresponsibility out of the door. Characterize a responsible person and these are things he or she is NOT:
1. Able to do anything without guidance or supervision.
2. Accountable and unanswerable for his or her own behavior.
3. Someone who can be trusted or depended upon to do things on his or her own volition.
4. Able to follow through on obligations.
5. Conscious of agreed upon or set rules.
6. Able to stand on own actions, impulsive but always blames others for his mistakes.
7. Trustworthy.
8. In possession of good self-esteem.Anyone will get that picture good...
Learning how to tackle responsibility into one's life:

1. Take your life in your own hands, and what happens…

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the better things I discovered from being hypertensive is learning to deal with my anger. My life used to be so stressful that certain issues were usually accompanied with argument marathons between family members. Looking back, this perhaps aggravated my illness unknowing at that time I had it. Fact is, indulging anger didn’t help me. And it won’t. Not on days that the market vendor was trying to dupe me or salon manager who’s playing smart with our business finances. Not the help who wasted a good amount of money burning some piece of poultry in the oven. Here’s the deal - do the exact opposite of what you want to do when you are angry.While you may think that lashing out or breaking a couple of your wine glasses help. It doesn’t. You don’t release the tension by swearing or slurring others.You are actually just nourishing your aggression. Uncontrolled anger allow unhealthy behavior to thrive and escalate tension. But this doesn’t mean however, that you need to suffer by hol…

Technology's Rewards

Did you know that some products we use like toothpaste, sunscreen, stain resistant clothing, food additives and cosmetics contain nanoparticles that are potentially dangerous to our health? Nanoparticles are atomsized forms of matter resulting from the use of nanotechnology.“Nanotechnology is the engineering of tiny machines — the projected ability to build things from the bottom up personal nanofactories (PNs), using techniques and tools being developed today to make complete, highly advanced products. Ultimately, nanotechnology will enable control of matter at the nanometer scale, using mechanochemistry. Shortly after this envisioned molecular machinery is created, it will result in a manufacturing revolution, probably causing severe disruption. It also has serious economic, social, environmental, and military implications".
How small is a nanoparticle?
"A nanometer is one billionth of a meter, roughly the width of three or four atoms. The average human hair is about 25,000 …

Have A Financial Emergency?

One of the many ways that helped me survive my financial crisis was using a credit card. It is true. Before you say another word hear out my story.
My children where at a growing-up stage then. Yes they were already in school. The usual scenario was one day, I’d be in the office working and they’d call. They need something for a school assignment or project, and so if I could just please go to the bookstore to get it. Other days, they unexpectedly become ill, that surely required a trip to the pharmacy for medications. It was definitely a time when emergencies were frequent.

Consequently, those emergencies proved to unnecessarily stress me. It was time to secure an emergency credit facility. And so the story goes and leads me to my boss who was suggesting that I sign up his credit card company. I was a card newbie. Obviously, I didn’t know what type of card I needed. Indulging me over lunch, one time, she helpfully gave me some tips to help me choose the card for my particular need. Th…

Breaking the news about being broke - snippets of survival

One of the most distressing situations a family could face is to be financially broke. With children's tuition bills, food and household expenses to pay, a negative cash position can bring disaster. Easily. Family members find themselves vulnerable to quick tempers, emotional outbursts and sometimes bouts of depression during times like this. Moments spent instead to find solutions to the problem turn out to be occasions of accusation and finger pointing. Volatile, like a ticking bomb.

Many years back my family faced a similar problem. To ease the burden, I decided to tell my children the real score. I thought they were old enough to understand what we were going through. After all, nothing can beat being straightforward. To my mind, this would be the ultimate test for my children's maturity and lessons learned from what I had always tried to teach them: that in times of adversity, it is how you cope with the situation that will define the result that you want.


Alternative Therapies under Scrutiny

A dilemma such as what is discussed by Dr Wilkes below is something very familiar to me. I am hypertensive. But, I used to also take extra virgin coconut oil (evco) everyday and a lemon drink with honey. I made the decision against my doctor's advice. The first time she gave me my maintenance drug I wasn't on evco yet. Eventually, someone very credible suggested I also take evco. And I did. It was fine. I think I was having the time of my life. I was eating well, perhaps more than I should, confident my evco will be there to standby me.

Several check-ups later, I accidentally mentioned to my doc that in fact I was on evco. She was flabbergasted. She reminded me that not enough studies have been conducted on the efficacy of evco for hypertensives. I told her I was feeling better. She insisted that I totally eliminate it from my daily routine. To make a long story short, I reduced my intake from 6 tsps in divided dosage of 2 tsps per meal to just 2 tsps daily. I am not sur…

Tell Me Who The Ibanag Is

Can you really know who you are by taking 'personality tests' on the web? During my early web days when blogging was alien to me, I spent my time asking sites to tell me who I am and more.. like what is my french name, what is my karma, am I a sunshiny person, etc :-) Whoa!

I believe I have come a long way from that, thank God.

Who Nose your B-day (bidet) ?

Do you know what a nose bidet is? I know bidets’ from those found on the sides of the toilet bowl - usually in large 5 - star hotels and perhaps very big homes. But a nose bidet whaaaaat is that? The first time I heard of a nose bidet was from a friend who does yoga. In one of our conversations recently, she mentioned that a nose bidet can very well help sinusitis sufferers. A nose bidet or a neti pot is used to clean your nose much the same way as a toothbrush to our teeth and gums. It looks like Alladin's Lamp, actually.

From Jakarta, my daughter called yesterday, complaining that she’s been breathing And through her nose for 3 straight days because it is totally congested and clogged. She suffers from sinusitis, you see.

My research revealed that in India, Ayurvedics and and Yoga practitioners have been using neti pot for thousands of years. "Neti is one of the 6 purification techniques performed prior to practicing yoga as a way of preparing the body for the yoga p…

With Might and Main Make Good

Someone sent me this on my email a long time gone but posting it here because this is something I would NEVER want to forget ever. It talks about Karma, a word that needs to be respected and not to fool around with.
Karma, the moral law of cause and effect, is used to explain the inequalities and injustice in life, but it also suggests that a person can shape his or her future. Buddhists believe in rebirth and think that each child is endowed with specific talents. These talents are the result of behavior in past lives.
Everyone is bound by karma. Without the law of karma, life would have no challenge. And, life is to fulfill dreams and potential within the karmic boundaries. The only way to transcend the law of karma would be to complete all karmic obligation. It is irresponsible not to acknowledge, understand, and work with karmic conditions. As soon as consciousness is raised it is possible to see the original soul choice, and begin functioning from a co-creative perspective. …