I must do it - get a new walking shoe

Since I am hypertensive, walking as an exercise is always complementary to my yoga. When I started my walking program, I had 2 pairs of walking shoes. One is cheap the other, not so cheap :-) Of course, I always use the inexpensive one. However, cheap means it won't last as you desire. After serving me for a good 5, yes, 5 years, what do you know, just the other day, I found the whole sole separating from the entire body. Think of timing. Now, do I have a choice. I will have to use the not so cheap one. But maybe I will just get another one from that famous place where they sell everything fake. Ha! Ha! Good for people like me, no? Now! and JUST DO IT. (sounds like a shoe commercial) I digress.

Ahh, yes, walking. To be strolling about watering my plants every morning. Yes, that's the reason my sneaks got worn out. There's too many of them, plants. And our backyard is pebbled stone.

I don't use a hose, so I could walk more distance even just around the garden's periphery. We have a backyard garden and a mini-garden in front of the house. Regularly walking in strides for half an hour burns about 200 calories. Double the time and presto that piece of fried chicken can now seem more seductive.

Walking boosts my energy. It hypes my mood in the morning. And I noticed that together with my yoga it has lessened my back aches which I endured daily in the past.

But, really I have and will always be a work in progress in terms of my health :-( There are excellent days and there are days :-)

I just hope the excellent days will put me through the not so good ones. I pray.

And about that new pair of shoes, well I will get it soon from that "fake" place :-)

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