Is Nature within us?

How do you deal with the challenges of everyday life? Do you feel empowered enough to improve life to help others? Or, do you feel helpless or hopeless when faced with a life changing situation, a tragedy perhaps, or a crisis?

And what about the thought of taking responsibility for your misfortune, if ever?

It is not easy to overcome pain. True. It is never easy finding serenity. Peace remains elusive. But do you believe that an open heart together with a clear mind can easily deal with the challenges of everyday existence? And do you think you can make it worth your while to face the difficulties and the worst of life’s daily struggles?

All of us have the courage and the strength to understand pain.

But can we endure suffering? Believe it.

Loose attraction to the worldly. And surely, you loose that pain in the heart. Yes, we all have the potential to be pure at heart. There is ALWAYS a chance to grow no matter what. The world is full of murk and junk; impurities in unlikely places. We can outshine the dirt. We can accept who we are and the world around us. NATURE is within us. We can overcome life’s imperfections.

We can be the perfection on our own.

This is today’s mantra.

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