Something to make you look younger

Would you want to stay looking young for as long as possible? I do. Without question, without hesitation. Maybe you can try this. It would not cost you anything. There's no harm in trying, as they say.

Here's how I do it every morning.

1. Stand straight with feet apart.
2. Take both your clean palms. Use it to cover your face.
3. Take 10 deep breaths. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale....
4. Next step - rub your face, eyes, and forehead with the fingers, counting from one to ten while breathing fast.
5. Repeat if you like.
6. Then on to rub the skin of the face, softly, from the chin to the forehead, upwards, in gentle massaging motions. Continue the deep breaths as you think of your face clear, young and fresh looking.

The mantra is clear and fresh looking skin.

Try to do this every morning for the next 60 days and watch how the black circles around your eyes disappear and the wrinkles seemed to have stopped showing :-)

Good luck!

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