Yoga Redux

We are all victims of stress, one way or the other. Tension from the work environment. Anxiety from family related problems. Or just plain physical exhaustion.

Isn't it a fact that these situations often result to head, back and even joint aches? There is no escaping. Regular yoga exercise can help reduce the stress.

I have been doing the ibanag brand of yoga for the longest time. It is essentially just breathing exercises. When I am tired or when I am all hyped up with regular issues of the day , I use a little silence. I meditate to relax my tensed muscles.

And how do I do that -- I empty my mind and literally think of nothing. Just the quiet moments are enough to lull my tired mind and hush my weary soul.

Yoga calms my nerves. It allows me a composed aura while my body is in a still position listening only to my breath. Yoga gives me the serenity and buys me the peace even for a few significant moments.

This is how I do it:
1. In a small corner of our room I sit on my mat in a comfortable position. Sometimes in a lotus position. I remove all the distraction like making sure the phones will not ring and disengaging the door bell.
2. I begin to quiet down my nerves. I close my eyes, concentrating and slowly telling myself that the next 15 minutes will be spent relaxing. I slowly empty myself.
3. I surrender my body by visualizing that the floor is carrying me.
4. I take a deep breath and as I inhale, I say my mantra -- I am at peace.
5. Exhaling, the mantra from my lips is -- I am relaxed.
6. I continue the deep breathing and now my mind starts floating.
7. Still on the inhale-exhale mantras I begin to take out from my archived mind, pictures of happiness or joy experienced. I concentrate on this image allowing my mind to take me back there again.
8. For a whole 10 minutes I am in that state of imagination and being. I feel everything around me flowing as I am slowly being drenched by my sweat.
9. Languidly, I leave that state of happiness. I pause as I say my final 'Í am at peace' on inhale and 'Í am relaxed' at exhale.
10. Momentarily, I open my eyes and slowly disengages from my pose.

I feel refreshed, toxins from my sweat just disengaged from my body. And I am happy to say that some of my Holy Week time were spent on yoga.

And. Yoga I will anytime :-)

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