You’re Popeye, I am Olive Oil

Mediterranean cooking is a great style. And olive oil serves as the fulcrum of all mediterranean cuisine. Forget it iiittssss delish and remember what it can do for our health. As I mentioned here I believe anyone of those Mediterranean countries was my home in a past life. And I loved it.

I try to do the Mediterranean way about my cooking and nutrition but further complement it with the following:

1. I try to eat a variety of whole fruits and vegetables every day. I keep baby carrots, papaya, fresh pineapples or bananas at bay for quick, satisfying snacks. Fresh fruit salads are a wonderful way to eat a variety of healthy and tasty fruit.

2. I use olive oil lavishly in cooking and incorporate it in all my salad dressings. Instead of butter or margarine I opt for extra virgin olive oil. After cooking pasta, I use a healthy sprinkling of olive oil, over the noodles and use fresh basil or whatever herb is available together with garlic and green onions for flavoring.

3. If I can help it, I choose to substitute fish and poultry for red meat and totally avoid sausages, bacon and other processed meats.

4. I drink skim milk and eat healthy servings of fat-free yogurt and low fat cheese when available.

5. I prepare vegetable salad everyday and eat fish once or thrice a week. grilled, baked or with soup or stews is fine by me. If I can't avoid frying fish, I use olive or coconut oil on very low heat. I use olive oil and balsamic vinegar as my fried fish dip.

6. On special ocassions, and with pasta, shellfish, or fish I drink a glass of red wine at dinner.

I better go to sleep now. I might just be tempted to have a midnight snack and that is a No! No!


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