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Relieve that stress - butter, rub and lavander scent your body

This is what is called cocoa and vanilla body butter. No, it is not something to be eaten:-) but something I apply to my arms and shoulders when I get the pinch and twinge of pain at night. It smells delicious and gives an exhilarating feeling that somehow deadens the pain.

Given to me by the girlfriend of one of my sons a Christmas ago.

And these are the things I use when the pain feels a little unbearable. Lavender scented coconut oil to relieve the back pain and the coconut based ginger-scented balm which I use as a rub for my aching legs and toes.
I am not sure why, but I get this feeling of obsessing to use my blogs to document or record most of the things happening; and what's happened in my life and that I need to complete it soon.

Bonsai - Another one fine stress buster

I am trying to learn bonsai because I would like to find out if it could help relieve stress. Simply put bonsai is the art of dwarfing or miniaturizing plants. In China, where it was first practiced during the Han Dynasty, bonsai is actually the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese word penzai.

Bonsai is all about cultivation and pruning techniques.It requires different approaches and strategy in watering, repotting, wiring, also propagation, care and most important maintenance.

I am seriously considering enrollment in a Bonsai Class at the Manila Seedling Bank. I planned this last year but never got to doing it. I hope this year will be more fruitful. Last year, seminar topics listed in their Bonsai brochure identified the learning topics covering:

- meaning and origin of bonsai
- identification of plant, tools, containers, potting medium and other materials
- styling, shaping wiring, pruning, repotting
- techniques of propagation
- care and maintenance

It's a Stress Buster to know that

According to blogthings:

Anything good in my life comes from my ability to play and be free.
The best way for me to solve a problem is to let go of it.
Anything bad in my life comes from sinking to the level of those around me.
And I must remember to lift people up, and refuse to participate in anything petty.


And further to the question

Are You Disturbingly Profound or Profoundly Disturbing?

The answer supposedly is:

That I am contemplative, thoughtful, and very intense.
Taking time to figure out the meaning of life is my priority.
Because I am so introspective, I often react in ways that surprise people.
No one can really understand how I am inside and that disturbs them.

Just to amuse me :-)

Here's one great stress buster - credit repair

Today, stress is a result of what is essentially not good in our lives. It could come from dozens of situations - be it a problematic personal relationship with a mate, a child or a parent; perhaps, work related anxieties coming from a joker of a co-worker, or a sexual harasser for a boss, or, just plain job burn out. And what about an unstable financial situation resulting from bad credit loans piling one on top of the other? That is surely one stressful condition!
Situations like these need not be prolonged nor indulged. Because, believe it or not these are all temporary setbacks. Anything can be repaired as long as you have the will to do what is right for your own unique situation.
And in the case ofbad credit rating? You no longer have to suffer its effects because countless online resources are available to help people obtain credit reports and scores. In fact you may even get a free trial offer. Additionally, these outfits, help individuals re-build their credit-worthiness by off…

The idea is to sleep like a baby :-)

I haven't been feeling well lately, perhaps for lack of sleep. I have been at my late uncle's wake and it was difficult to find sleep when there's too many people moving around. Yes. Even when you are in the privacy of a room. Good that was a temporary thing. But what happens when it becomes an insomnia-filled ritual?
Fact is sleep is as important as food, air and water to us human beings. Being constantly away makes us a different person altogether and we become accident prone. So how do we know if we lack sleep?
Do you experience any (or most) of the following?
1. Do you constantly yawn?
2. Do you have the tendency to doze off especially when inactive like when watching television?
3 Do you feel groggy as soon as waking up in the morning?
4. Are you sluggish all day long (sleep inertia)
5. How's your concentration? Mood swings? More irritable, than usual?How do we get to the point of lacking sleep?
1. By staying late, drinking, partying or perhaps working (call center jobs…

Individuality or Conformity - which is best for you?

"The nail that sticks out out gets hammered". From a Japanese saying

Which is better - being considered an outsider but knowing totally who you are and what you stand for or belonging to a group but drifts from personality to personality, mimicking all and sundry the person you are faced with? In other words, do you just conform for conformity's sake?

Recycling has been my Mantra for a while now

I have using discarded wine bottles as planters for my indoor japanese plants. From the original plant, I do some cuttings, put hem in the wine bottles, put some water and presto, I have indoor plants which help oxygenate the entire house. All the rooms in these house have these kind of planter or vase if you will. Even the rest rooms have their share.

I also use my discarded olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottles for the same purpose. Recycling has been also able to help calm my nerves down. Because these plants, even if they're sturdy needs some kind of taking care too. From time to time, I have to replace water, lost due to evaporation.

That's double whammy. Taking care of the environment and taking care of my wellness. How good can that be?

Something smells fishy but could be healthy

Fish is high in omega-3 and Omega 3 has been proven to reduce incidence of heart problems, aid in decreasing cholesterol and may altogether help prevent strokes. It is high in protein, zinc and iron, and it's low on fat.

Besides reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids may reverse depression, slow the mental decline that can come with age and reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis and some cancers according to studies. There is evidence that infants born to mothers who received omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy have better vision and brain development. Fish with high concentrations of omega-3s are the oily varieties, including salmon, herring, sardines and trout.

But let us hold our horses. Eating fish may not entirely be problem free. Some fish varieties have been found to contain high levels of mercury, polychlorinated bipenyls PCBs), and other toxic agents that can take away some of its health benefits. Fish highly tainted with Mercury i…

Do you have a secret? The Power of telling all

Revealing a secret is never an easy task. Usually accompanied by guilt, fear, or unease, secrets sometimes involve betrayal. It can come in the form of holding on to a confidential or privileged information or dealing with dark issues. It could be very stressful. But why do people hold secrets? Fear of exposure? Something unpleasant?

One thing we need to expect is rejection. The revelation may not be palatable and not acceptable. Acceptance can be denied. Nevertheless, the more important thing is the truth need to be told.

When friends hold on to a secret the bond of closeness is strengthened. There is a fulcrum that allows you to be hinged on one common element and that is the truth. To open up is a wholesome and desirable act of trust. It eases up the tension. It unburdens a tight situation by removing and letting down the false images. Wouldn't that be ideal?

Secrets held in confidence can go both ways. Power on the one hand and tension on the other. But how do we make it ea…