Bonsai - Another one fine stress buster

I am trying to learn bonsai because I would like to find out if it could help relieve stress. Simply put bonsai is the art of dwarfing or miniaturizing plants. In China, where it was first practiced during the Han Dynasty, bonsai is actually the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese word penzai.

Bonsai is all about cultivation and pruning techniques.It requires different approaches and strategy in watering, repotting, wiring, also propagation, care and m
ost important maintenance.

I am seriously considering enrollment in a Bonsai Class at the Manila Seedling Bank. I planned this last year but never got to doing it. I hope this year will be more fruitful. Last year, seminar topics listed in their Bonsai brochure identified the learning topics covering:

- meani
ng and origin of bonsai
- identi
fication of plant, tools, containers, potting medium and other materials
- styling, shaping wiring, pruning, repotting
- techniques of propagation
- care and maintenance

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