Do you have a secret? The Power of telling all

Revealing a secret is never an easy task. Usually accompanied by guilt, fear, or unease, secrets sometimes involve betrayal. It can come in the form of holding on to a confidential or privileged information or dealing with dark issues. It could be very stressful. But why do people hold secrets? Fear of exposure? Something unpleasant?

One thing we need to expect is rejection. The revelation may not be palatable and not acceptable. Acceptance can be denied. Nevertheless, the more important thing is the truth need to be told.

When friends hold on to a secret the bond of closeness is strengthened. There is a fulcrum that allows you to be hinged on one common element and that is the truth. To open up is a wholesome and desirable act of trust. It eases up the tension. It unburdens a tight situation by removing and letting down the false images. Wouldn't that be ideal?

Secrets held in confidence can go both ways. Power on the one hand and tension on the other.
But how do we make it easier to bare our secrets?

Do not wait to be unmasked. Uncover the secret yourself. Do not blab but explain. Confess and declare with integrity.

Simplistic approach? But why do we need to complicate it really?

Fact is, we can learn a lot about ourselves when we no longer hold secrets. We are able to accept things as they are, relieved in the knowledge that we are free.

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