Relieve that stress - butter, rub and lavander scent your body

This is what is called cocoa and vanilla body butter. No, it is not something to be eaten:-) but something I apply to my arms and shoulders when I get the pinch and twinge of pain at night. It smells delicious and gives an exhilarating feeling that somehow deadens the pain.

Given to me by the girlfriend of one of my sons a Christmas ago.

And these are the things I use when the pain feels a little unbearable. Lavender scented coconut oil to relieve the back pain and the coconut based ginger-scented balm which I use as a rub for my aching legs and toes.
I am not sure why, but I get this feeling of obsessing to use my blogs to document or record most of the things happening; and what's happened in my life and that I need to complete it soon.

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