Anti-cholesterol drugs, what now?

I have been prescribed with a statin drug last year. Fact is that prescription was made by our family physician(FP) and not by my kidney specialist who I regularly consult. The nephrologist was out of the country so I had no choice but to see the FP. Immediately after that briefing from my FP I bought the drug she prescribed. All 30 pcs of them. It cost a lot of money. The drug was veerrryy expensive. When I got home I went to the computer and made my usual googling. This is what I do when in doubt – research or google.

Lo and behold. Side effects indicated that taking the drug was outrageously difficult to ignore. It showed that the drug could cause, depression, muscle problems, and may even induce alzheimer’s disease and other kidney related ailments. There was little evidence or none at all that these drugs can reduce the growth of arterial fatty plaques - the hallmark of heart diseases. In other words, people taking this type of medicine receive no benefit at all? Instead, it can exacerbate neurological and mascular conditions. WTF.

Today, a year after, I could not definitely say I feel better because I did not take those anti-cholesterol drugs. Yes, some people warned me against this decision and for a while, I worried. One thing sure though. I made a plan to refuse getting exposed to the potential side effects of the drug.

The future will tell if I made the correct decision.

God is my saviour.


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