Growing fruits may well be served by virtue

Can you guess what fruit has 60 mg of Lysine, 22 g of Protein, 30 mg of Calcium and a whole lot more of vitamins and minerals that can be useful for the body's well-being but at the same time looks yukky when over-ripe and doesn't look as good as other pretty looking fruits like strawberries and mangoes but perhaps equal if not better in nutritional benefit?

Yup,yup, yup. I could not have guessed it either. The answer is sweet sop or sugar apple or locally known over this part of the globe as atis.

"The Atis tree is easy to grow. Just plant a seed on almost any soil and atis will grow. However, it requires tropical or near tropical weather. When planted, Atis will begin to bear fruit in about a year's time. It will bear fruit about 3 times a year and the sweetest fruits are those borne during the summer months."

Ours just bore once last year and it was the first time. We started growing it three years ago and the delay was caused by lack of sun. The neighbor's 'useless' mango tree had its massive foliage towering all over our atis. Aarrgghh.

Good, they trimmed it recently.

Look at what we have in our backyard. Last year, our atis tree started bearing its fruits. Sweet but just a couple:-)

This year, after the nearby mango tree (neighbor's) was pruned the fruits are all over the place waiting to ripen. If only there's ten to harvets all at once, then I can do an atis shake. Cold, and so refreshing atis is one fruit that tastes so much better when over-riped. Ahhh for now that is too much to ask.

As they say, patience is a virtue. It works well when you garden. It is not just an act. Plant the seed, care, cultivate, nourish and then wait. So relevant in cultivating a very simple wellness strategy for everyday living in this slowly growing toxic world.

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