To Be Temporarily Stationary

 There's a lot of sense in temporarily not doing anything. This from  famous French writer Marie de Hennezel:
When we're not perpetually in action, we have an internal openness to perceiving things that we don't normally possess. A simple example is when we're lying down, relaxing on the grass and just looking at the sky.
We are in a state of non-action, and yet we suddenly perceive all sorts of things. We have a new capacity for marvel and contemplation. We see new things. We know that a whole part of our being is dormant when we're constantly in action. There is something very positive in non-action, because our senses are mobilized.
We're aware of the sensory. We savor things more. Older people and those who are physically limited and accept their limitations still live well because they're open to a whole different domain. If you do five different things at once, as we often do in our active lives, we pass by so many things. Non-action is an interesting experience.
In an interview with Ms Marie de Hennezel she talks about aging gracefully, where the above quotes were lifted. Please read more here

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