Some 350 million recorded cases of depression were recorded worldwide by the WHO.  Could this be seen as something like an epidemic already, or is there anything as  such? Haven't we all suffered from some form of depression at one time or another. So what is depression? Why do people get depressed?

Mood swings such as sadness without any reason, guilt feelings, unhappiness, and possessing generally negative thoughts over long periods of time can mean a person is depressed. Anybody can feel depressed after stressful incidents of   losing a love one, losing your  job, or sudden or prolonged illness. Other predisposing factors like, lack of sleep, drug or alcohol abuse, taking steroids or  certain thyroid conditions can sometimes lead to depression.

So how do we know if a person is depressed? What are the signs?

When a person is irritable, restless, agitated or has a difficult time concentrating; then losing interest in almost everything and having no energy at all, it could be that that person is depressed. Feeling unhappy, isolated and withdrawn can make a person feel hopeless.  And this feeling of hopelessness can or may lead to thoughts of death.

A helpline is what a depressed person needs. Someone to talk to, to confide in or a willing   shoulder to cry on,  could help alleviate this condition. So it is important that we recognize the signs.  To  take the time to reach out could sometimes mean life or death for someone.

How long has it been that someone in your circle seem to be in the dumps? Time to kindly find out. 

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