Blogging for health?

I have always felt that positively expressing oneself is one way for an individual to control or manage stress. It happened to me. My life was totally stressed out because of an illness. Although my nephrologist suggested I read 'A Purpose Driven Life', a book that suggests that including God in ones life eventually leads a person to find the true meaning of his/her existence; it was not enough. Though the book did open my eyes to many of my human failings - failings that led me in the beginning to be even more depressed, feeling helpless and alone, I was consoled.

My stress emanates from the countless emotional, mostly anger issues, that needed to be aired. It wasn't really about my illness.

And then blogging. This
post of the olden days attests to that.

After recently reading Joan Joyce's link about the therapeutic effect of blogging, I was pleasantly reminded, that I was in the right direction after all. It is an admitted fact, blogging gave me an opportunity to air grievances against life, vent if you may, about certain inequities I suffered, whether deliberate or not from the hands of people within my own family circle. Writing about it cleared some of the smoke. And appropriately, I felt good.

On the other hand, I also came across t
his link articulating the apparent negative effect of blogging/working on-line non-stop. The article, significantly pointed out that blogging for money, prestige or fame is quite an exacting motivation. It zaps one's brain, leading to extraordinary amounts of anxiety, distress, and worse, and an unhealthy way of living. Now, we all know where this is going.

Me? I don't even want to comment. Just to say it made my life worthy again.

So, passion or perhaps zeal? Which is the better accompaniment to a lifestyle? Which gives the least stress? For me,
I compare what I was before blogging and what I now feel about myself.

I say, there's no turning back. Cheers!

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